EHL AI Concierge

Meet Pepper, your new AI powered concierge. Meet Pepper was an ICT project conducted at the École Hotelière de Lausanne (EHL). Our video presents the project in a comprehensive and clear manner. It describes the objectives of the project, the features and functionality of the robot, as well as some unexpected insights into how AI will play a part in the design of the hospitality industry in the coming years. 

EHL AI Concierge Robot

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Over the years we have made dozens if not hundreds of videos to describe and promote innovation and new technologies. In fact, Darwin Productions was born from a need for start-ups based at the EPFL in Lausanne to better communicate their services and products to wide audiences. And even though other media such as images and 3D animations are important, video provides the best value for money when you want to present new, ‘un-imaginable’, ideas to your audience.

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